Why IRM AvSec


Innovation We innovate for improvement, not just for change. We innovate to meet the anticipated future needs of clients.
Respect We meet high demands on integrity, trustworthiness, fair actions and ethical conduct in the public, towards customers, our team and our partners
Motivation We motivate not through intimidation, command, policy manual, or code of conduct, but by gaining respect and trust and setting an example.
Accomplishment We focus on ‘doing better,’ rather than ‘doing my best.’
Vision We have a vision on how we will provide value to customers.
Support We support your safety and security
Excellence We excel in the industry by offering the best quality service. We offer customized solutions in the business areas of Security Services and Security Systems.


  • Paris Orly attacker
    What we do know about the Paris Orly attacker should concern us…

    A petty criminal one day and a terrorist the next – for many people, this seems like an inexplicable leap.

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  • Concealment and Drugs
    Carbon Paper still being utilized to conceal drugs.

    Qatar Customs department seized 8 kg of hashish, 5600 drug pills and 66kg marijuana from passengers at the Hamad International Airport (HIA) and inside parcels coming from African and European countries.

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  • Place Holder
    DHS Question and Answer on the Electronics Restrictions

    DHS Question and Answer on the Electronics Restrictions

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