When IRM AVSEC established its Asian office in Manila, Philippines in year 2000; it put together a top management team with over 80 years of combined experience in aviation and security. Since that time, IRM AVSEC has developed close working relationships with airport & industrial authorities, as well as intelligence & law enforcement agencies, and gained extensive handling both local and international aviationsecurity concerns.

In today’s uncertain travel and business environment, a state of the art passenger / visitor assessment protocol is essential. As a fullservice security agency, IRM AVSEC provides this cost-effective life saving capability. With our complete array of complementary services, we are confident in our ability to offer services unmatched by any other agency in Southeast Asia.

IRM AVSEC’s Operations Managers and Supervisors are continuously updated on Industrial and Homeland Security (TSA) guidelines. This management team of airline and security professionals prides itself on its truly “customer friendly” approach to the job. Note. Management support personnel are on hand at all times.

IRM AVSEC is also the Sales and Customer Service Support for Rapiscan X-ray Systems and Metor walk through and hand-held metal detection equipment for the Philippines.

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