Welcome to IRM AVSEC

IRM Aviation Security, Inc., the most trusted security services provider in the Philippines. In addition to the standard aviation services IRM Avsec provides, we offer “value added” features that no other provider can match:

  • Only recognized vendor conducting security measures as mandated by the US Department of Homeland Security in the Philippines (as well as being inspected by the US TSA). personnel, as well as for security providers in foreign countries.
  • Only provider receiving Intelligence Reports on security threats domestically and internationally. These reports are shared with the clients, and used to adjust our security measures commensurate with the changing threat levels.
  • Only provider with a fulltime professional international aviation security advisor, who also served as the Chairman to the US Embassy’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, Philippines.
  • Only provider with a Command Operations Center supporting security operations 24 – 7.
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What We Do

  • training

    A) AviationB) Industrial

  • hightech
    High Tech Systems Screening

    A) Metor Hand-Held Metal Detector B) Metor Walk-Through Metal Detector C) Rapiscan X-ray Systems D) Access Control Systems E) CCTV Systems

  • industrial
    Industrial Security

    A) Guard Services B) CCTV Monitoring Services C) Escort Services

  • avaition security
    Aviation Security

    A) Airside Security B) Landside Security C) Cargo Security D) Audits