Frequently Ask Questions

IRM Aviation Security strives to find the "right" person for the job. Our proprietary Officer Profile allows us to create a clear and defined standard for the officers' personality, skills and on the job performance. During the recruitment process, these characteristics are evaluated to match the officer with the appropriate job.

Every IRM AVSEC Security candidate goes through a three-phase selection and review process that evaluates character, dependability, professionalism, education and trustworthiness. During this process we also review their residential, employment and personal histories. The final approval of the candidate is made by our multi-disciplinary team of managers. This entire process ensures that the officers we hire match the Officer Profile and meet IRM AVSEC Security's high standards of excellence.

Lastly, it is IRM AVSEC's policy to recruit and hire officers locally. We believe that there is value in reducing officer commuting time. Hiring local officers also allows us to add more staff quickly and efficiently, should the need arise.

Personnel Qualifications

IRM AVSEC upgraded recruitment system & attendant requirement fro @ aviation security, @ industrial/business commercial establishment(s) security within the CIAC, DMIA, CSEZ, and/or other site(s) location similarly situated needing IRM AVSEC Security Services - to meet/have the following requirement(s), (saved for MIAA, - NAIA under Memorandum Circular No. 19), to wit:

  • Native born Filipino citizen, 21 years old, 36 units;
  • Able to write, read, understand and speak English;
  • Not color blind nor suffering from impaired hearing;
  • Physically capable of performing duties of AVSEC guard & ISS guard;
  • Passed the neuropsychiatric examination
  • Must not be less than 5'5" in height for male AVSEC guard/ISS guard;
  • Must not be less than 5'2" in height for female AVSEC guard/ISS guard;
  • Completion of the Basic Aviation Security Training Course from ICAO, TSA, ATO-CATC and PNP-ASG Accredited Training Center;
  • If you meet the above criteria, please send our Human Resources Department your resume and salary history.